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Terms & Conditions

The following legal system terms and conditions apply to your use of our website  Throughout the site terms such as; “we”, “us” and “our” are referred to WICKEDSTONÉ. When the term “you”, “user” or “customer” is mentioned or used, we referred to you, the individual using our services.

All terms and conditions have been comprehensively broken down into separate titles to make easier access, and for a better understanding.

Non-personal use

WICKEDSTONÉ is a website made only for personal shopping.

Privacy policy

It is your consent that when using our website, you agree to the terms of privacy, in which you are aware that we have the right to collect all personal information provided by you, to us, and that there will be a possibility of third party involvement. Please read Third Party Links for more information.


For further and open and usage of some features on our site, registration is a required. Registration is only available for all users eighteen and older. When you register with us, you shall agree to the terms of use. When agreeing to the terms of use, you agree that the information provided to us is all accurate, and truthful. When registering, you are the one responsible for maintaining your account as well as login information, username and password, secure at all times. All transaction processed under your account are within your responsibility. Keep it secure.


Any items saved on your shopping cart will remain there as long as the item(s) are in stock. Do know that, the item will not be one hundred percent saved for you just because it shows on your cart. As long as the item is in stock, it will be open for any customer.


In order to complete your purchase with WICKEDSTONÉ, personal information such as, first and last name, billing information, card information, will be gathered to proceed to the final checkout information. By you providing that information, you agree that it is all truthful, and that you are taking responsibility for the transaction.

Payments and Prices

Payments can be made with any credit/debit card such as; VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and DISCOVER. Payments through a valid PAYPAL Account are also accepted. All listed prices on the website are not set prices, taxes and other fees such as, delivery, will be calculated at the end of your order. The customer is responsible for any extra fees added on.


After making a purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. Within that email, you will find the estimated delivery date of the products. Delivery within the U.S. will be distributed by USPS, and international shipping to the selected countries we have, will be distribute by USPS but will take longer than the usual 2-6 days within the U.S., an estimate international delivery date will run between 12-16 delivery days. We will try our best to ensure that the products get delivered to you on time, an estimated delivery date will be provided. Be aware that there may be times where there will be delivery delays, and it is something out of our control. Most of those cases will usually occur during holidays. Also, be aware that any loss caused by the delay, does not rely on us.

Return policy

Any returns are accepted within 20 days from the purchase date for a full refund; proof of purchase is required. All jewelry must be issue back in its original packaging, and the product must show no sign of use. Jewelry being returned must be sent back to the provided return address via certified mail only. Return shipping expenses will not be at our charge.


Here at WICKEDSTONÉ we are more than glad to offer you jewelry warranty for 180 days from purchase date. WICKEDSTONÉ’s warranty only includes restring of the bracelet. No pieces should be missing when the product is sent back for restringing. If the product gets sent back with missing pieces, the restring of the bracelet will only be based on the pieces we received, and no additional pieces will be included. We highly recommend that if you receive a product and it shows sign of damaged, please send an inquiry to customer support within 48 hours of purchase at Return shipping expenses are not part of the guarantee, that is customer’s responsibility.

Third Party Links

WICKEDSTONÉ is not responsible for any third party links in which any of your information may be linked to a third party website, due to advertising reasons. It is at the consumer’s own risk if he/she goes into those websites, by clicking on any third party’s sites. Third party links websites are out of our control.

Intellectual Property Rights

Being a WICKEDSTONÉ user and using the website does not give you rights of trademark, copyrights, ideas, products, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights. Denying privacy and following company standards, may result in penalties. You must have authorized permission when using the company’s intellectual property rights.

Product safety

We recommend that all products are kept out of reach of children. Our products do contain small pieces, beads, which can possibly cause harm to a child.

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